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Death Angel (The Angel Series Book 5)

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With help from a mysterious caretaker and a forgotten friend, Stevie barely escapes death. Val wants to rekindle their relationship, but Stephanie has unresolved issues with him, and questions his loyalty.

They have to put their problems aside when they discover that Dom and Jeffery are held captive in the Shadow Sphere: a dark, gloomy land inhabited by ghouls.

Time is of the essence. Val and Stephanie must rescue their friends before they vanish to another dimension, and are lost forever. When Stephanie discovers a secret about Aidan, everything changes.

Can Stephanie and Val save Dom and Jeffery in time, and will Stephanie rekindle her love with Val, or will she find her way back to Aidan?


Jo Wilde lives on a small farm in Waskom, Texas, right on the border of Louisiana, with her husband and their three children. She is a stay at home mom and is earning her BA in English.

Growing up, Jo lived in a time when women were to be seen rather than heard. This notion didn't sit well with her. She often found herself in a pickle, speaking her mind, attending outrageous concerts, hanging out with the cool kids, and pushing the limits of what society deemed as acceptable. Now that she's settled down and has a family of her own, she saves her inner rebel for her books. Jo loves writing stories about strong, spunky female-roles that don't take any bull and makes no excuses. She is best known for her young adult book, The CROSSING. And she promises there are more coming soon!

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Death Angel (The Angel Series Book 5)

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