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Dracula's Demeter

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July, 1897. A valiant sea captain, a clever fugitive, a deceptive cook and a beautiful stowaway begin their journey from the unforgiving Black Sea to the misty shores of England.

But hidden in the hold of the Russian schooner Demeter, an ancient predator with a lust for blood lies in wait.

Soon, the voyage takes a sinister turn, and the crew realizes the grave danger they are in. Will any of them make it to their destination alive?

Two-time Amazon Bestseller in Vampire Horror. Lord Ruthven Award Nominee (2012).


Doug Lamoreux is the last, maybe the least, Renaissance man. He's a romantic dreamer, a melancholy man who laughs a lot. He's a father of three strong sons and has two darling granddaughters. Doug grew grew up a horror film fan, and a child of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, but fought the dark urges and tried to live a normal life.

He managed his own service station (back when gas stations provided service), supervised the Security Department for a metropolitan hospital, wrote newspaper sports, and became a professional firefighter / EMT. Civil service was in the cards, since his late father and a brother had both been cops. Finally he surrendered to nature, recognized his incompatibility with the rest of the world, and gave it up to create. He became an actor and a writer.

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Doug Lamoreux
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Dracula's Demeter

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