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Dream of Empty Crowns (Chosen King Book 1)

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At the steps of the Choosing Tower, Gordon tosses his name into the lottery like all boys his age. When his name is called out and he is proclaimed the new king, what should be a moment of celebration takes a dark turn.

Soon, he is hunted by the ruthless Firstcouncillor Trunculin. Pursued by kingdom airships and the very soldiers sworn to protect him, the young king has to align with great warriors and unexpected allies.

With the healer Loren and a fearless young warrior named Aline by his side, can Gordon find a way to save himself – and his kingdom?


I am a lifelong writer in many genres. My novels and non-fiction work share the theme of exploring dark, unexplored places. That sounds pretentious, I know.

Mostly I make up stories and write them down. There is a special sub-conscious alchemy that is happening, but don't look at me; I have no idea how it works. Whether it's boys chosen to be king, giant monsters attacking, kids with seemingly magical powers or just an unraveling of deeply held assumptions, I write to explore.

My only rule: It must be a great story.

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M.J. Sewall
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Dream of Empty Crowns (Chosen King Book 1)

0 ratings
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